Several months ago, I saw a meme on Facebook posted by that said:

What’s the oldest thing you own & still use?

I love this question! It’s an invitation to explore and celebrate the belongings in our homes that have history and heritage.

When we Purify, we are shedding and releasing the belongings that no longer serve us. This opens up space to clearly see and appreciate the belongings that we choose to keep. Some of those objects may be old treasures and relics from earlier times, connected to our family lineage or sweet old memories.

As I share about in episode 50: When You Want to Hold On & Let Go at the Same Time, sometimes we choose to (and even need to) let go of the old things in our lives. Today’s episode is about celebrating the old things that we still use and love!

What is the oldest thing that you still use and love? Email me, or post a comment below or on social media. Facebook / Instagram I’d love to hear from you!

Until we meet again, keep on Purifying!

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