As you practice Purifying, you strengthen your ‘intuitive sorting skill’ and Purifying becomes easier and easier. You’ll begin feeling clear and confident in your decisions of what you hold on to and what you let go.

However, you may encounter a few objects that bring up strong feelings of confusion or ambivalence. You may find you want to hold on to an object just as much as you want to let it go!

In this week’s episode I share an example from my own life. I recently worked through some ongoing uncertainty about two objects from my childhood. When I finally (after a few years!) came to a clear decision about letting go of these belongings, old patterns started shifting in my life.

“Hugs” & “Baby” in the Purification process

May this example give you some inspiration and perspective about a belonging in your own life.

Check out episode 44: Five Ways To Attend To Emotions As You Declutter & Purify for more about my closet Purification.

Let’s dive deeper. A Clarify to Purify session gives you the space and time to work one-on-one with me to get clear on those objects that you want to hold on to and let go of at the same time.

Ready to fully Purify your home? Want to get clear about everything you choose to carry with you into the next phase of life? Purify Your Home may be just what you need! Let’s chat!

Until next time, keep on Purifying!