As you Purify, you will naturally be opening up new space in your home. The possibility of empty space can stir emotions due to the uncertainty or loss that may come with it.

If you experience anxiety at the thought of the emptiness that will follow your Purification process, here are some suggestions to work through it with confidence:

  • Before you remove the object(s) from the space, visualize the empty space. Feel into the emotions and body sensations that arise.
  • Explore and process those emotions through journaling, talking with a friend, or in a Clarify to Purify session with me.
  • Infuse the space with the energetic qualities you would like to have there, like Love, Joy or Peace. You can also channel Reiki to the space as discussed in episode #46: Channeling Reiki to Support Your Decluttering Process.
  • Create a vision for the newly opened space. Your Vision can act as an energetic ‘bridge’ between the empty space and what’s to come.
  • After you let go of the object(s), sit in the empty space and, again, notice what emotions and body sensations arise. Explore and process those emotions and sensations.

Need more support as you navigate your concerns about empty space? I’d love to help. An 80-minute Clarify to Purify session may be all you need to move through this block and on to the open, airy, light home you’ve been yearning for.

Until next time, keep on Purifying!