There are infinite ways to incorporate Reiki into your Purification and decluttering process. In this episode, I go over three main ways Reiki can support you and your home as you Purify:

  • Channeling Reiki to yourself can help ground and calm you before you get started. It can serve as a form of self-care. Then you take a break you can give yourself more Reiki!
  • Channeling Reiki to your home and belongings raises the vibration. It helps to open the way and bring ease to the process.
  • Using the Reiki symbols can provide creative ways to empower your process, support you mentally and emotionally, and send healing energy to past events and future Purifying sessions.

If you’re new to Reiki, I also share some basics at the beginning of the episode. Here are a few of my favorite Reiki resources:

I hope this episode inspires you to bring the power and intelligence of Reiki into your home and into your decluttering process.

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Many blessings and until next time, keep on Purifying!