Welcome to the second episode in this ongoing series about Purifying in various rooms of the home. If you missed Purifying In The Kitchen, be sure to check it out!

Today is all about Purifying old beauty products, medicine cabinet items, reading material, and anything else that accumulates in the bathroom. (I don’t think I actually mentioned makeup in the episode. Oops! That was a big oversight since makeup often ends up in the bathroom’s “product graveyard.”)

When you clear and Purify your bathroom, you create a sacred space for your daily rituals and self-care. As you Purify, you let go of anything you’re no longer using, that doesn’t work for your body, or that is expired or outdated. This increases the vibration of the whole room!

If you struggle with throwing things away as you Purify, consider listening to episode 36: The Good News About Landfill Guilt.

Purifying the entire bathroom at once may feel like too much. If so, consider starting with a micro area like one drawer or one shelf of the medicine cabinet.

Be sure to check with your pharmacy or local government agency for guidance on how to properly dispose of outdated or unused prescription medications.

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Many blessings, my friend, and until next time – keep on Purifying!