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Okay… on to the details from this week’s episode…

As we Purify, we are shifting and disrupting old emotional and energetic patterns. A wide variety of emotions may bubble up to the surface as we open up those bags, boxes, and storage spaces. I noticed this firsthand recently as I was Purifying a closet. It had become an unconscious, messy storage space – it was time to Purify!

Here are five ways to attend to your emotions during a Purification session:

  1. Have reasonable expectations – relieve pressure and anxiety up front by establishing a reasonable timeline, or even an open timeline, for your process
  2. Prepare yourself for the process – ground and center with deep breathing or meditation. Also remind yourself of what Purifying means to you and why you’re diving into this process
  3. Make sure your basic needs are met – be well-rested, fed, and hydrated before you get started. Continue drinking water throughout your session
  4. Allow emotions to flow – create space for what wants to emerge without stuffing it back down
  5. Maintain a mindful, curious, and kind attitude – do your best to avoid judging the emotions that arise

I hope these tips help you to maintain your emotional center as you Purify. They were helpful to me as I worked through my closet:

Before a whole lot of emotionally charged Purifying. The photo doesn’t come close to expressing the depths of emotion I experienced.
After. I can breathe more freely now!

Are you ready to dive a little deeper? Visit the Purify Your Home program page to learn more about how we can work together!

Until next time, keep on Purifying!