I start off this episode with a few tips for circulating and freshening up the energy of your home. My own home’s energy was feeling stuck and stagnant after having the air conditioning on for several days.

Next I share a resource for increasing your empowerment as you Purify. The Power of TED* by David Emerald is an amazing book that introduces a simple and powerful remedy for our victim-oriented thinking. 

Moving from the victim role to the creator role helps us to shift our focus away from ‘problems’ to ‘visions and outcomes’. Focusing on problems tends to leave us feeling anxious and ineffective. Focusing on visions and outcomes generates passion and empowerment for what we’re creating.

Tune in to the episode for more on the powerful ways that these shifts can positively impact your Purification process.


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Until we connect again, keep on Purifying!

P.S. Remember, the podcast will be on pause for the month of August! You can catch up on past episodes while I replenish my creative energy. 🙂