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Make Space for What Matters Most


Make Space for What Matters Most

Helping soulful, sentimental people declutter & downsize to create space for what truly matters most.

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Hi, I’m Michael!

Virtual holistic declutter coach, podcaster, and creator of the Purification method of home decluttering & downsizing

I help soulful, sensitive, sentimental people finally declutter their homes and create space for what truly matters most.

Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

For many people (and especially sensitive, sentimental people), decluttering and downsizing can be a truly challenging process. You try to get started with the best of intentions, just to get stopped in your tracks. The volume of stuff… the memories and nostalgia… the seemingly unending decisions… It simply feels like too much.

Overwhelm, stuckness, and confusion take over while the piles and boxes – and sometimes an entire home of stuff – remain.

And yet the longer it takes to get started, the longer it takes to move forward with the next chapter of your life. The longer you are stuck in indecision and overwhelm, the longer the clutter blocks you from the freedom and peace you’ve been craving.

Whether you’ve been wanting to declutter or downsize for months, years, or decades, you are not alone. Many folks just like you have struggled to get started. You may have tried many different approaches over the years. Maybe you have even tried to identify the belongings that ‘spark joy’ only to be left more confused and stuck than ever.  

Like so many others, you need a new approach!

A Fresh Approach

Traditional approaches to home decluttering address the nuts and bolts of the process, but as a person who feels things deeply and has strong connections to your things and your past, this alone will never be enough.

The Purification method blends together the best of the traditional approaches (effective planning, logistics, and strategies) with holistic approaches to support your whole self throughout the process.

Mindfulness, Intuition, Energy

When you Purify, you get to (finally!) meet your decluttering goals while honoring your sensitive and sentimental nature. You’ll learn to:

  • use mindfulness to decrease emotional overwhelm and increase groundedness and calm
  • hone your intuition to make more aligned and efficient decisions
  • attend to the energy, history and meaning of your belongings to ease the letting go process
  • become crystal clear about what you choose to hold on to and what you choose to let go

Rather than decluttering feeling like a frustrating task to check off a list, you get to honor the process as a rite of passage. This way, the very stuff that feels like it is standing between you and what matters most can become a path to freedom.

Whether you’re downsizing after retirement; moving forward after a divorce, death, or other loss; adjusting to an empty nest; or preparing for a move or new adventure, decluttering is a LOT. If you’ve tried (and tried and tried…) to get started, but keep feeling drained, stuck, and overwhelmed, I can help. Let’s Purify!

Three-Step Purification Plan


1.  Schedule a free call with me

2.  Choose the virtual coaching package that’s right for you

3.  Declutter and Purify to make space for what matters most 

What People Are Saying

It’s just been amazing. The more you clear things out physically, you feel the energetic release on so many other different levels. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to purify our living space.


Fitness Instructor & Meditation Teacher

Michael is so well-suited for this role. Her kindness, passion and patience, coupled with her background in counseling and therapy, provide the perfect combination of support and expertise. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work with me through this process.


Fiber Artist & Herbalist

It’s helped to go through the mental and emotional process of being able to get rid of the material things that have already served their purpose here. Being able to unload those old attachments to things can be life-changing, life-shifting.


Yoga Studio Owner & Animal Communicator